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The Cha Cha is a playful and flirtatious dance known for it’s vibrant energy. Although it is traditionally danced to up-beat music with a Latin or Cuban beat, today the Cha Cha is often danced to pop music including country, funk, hip-hop, and top 40. The Cha Cha is danced in 4/4 time to songs with a tempo of 110 to 120 beats per minute.
Nicknamed “The Dance of Love,” Rumba is characterized by swaying hips, a still upper body, and close partner connections. Although it is traditionally danced to slow Latin music, it is now common to dance the Rumba to current, popular ballads. Because of this, the Rumba is a popular style choice for a wedding dance and slow partner dancing.


One of the most popular of all of the swing dances, East Coast Swing is a classic that is entertaining, fun, and versatile. ECS evolved from Lindy Hop (which came from NY = East Coast). It has grown to incorporate the rest of the swing type dance rhythms including Jitterbug, Lindy, and Shag. East Coast Swing is danced in single, double, and triple time Swing rhythms. We teach beginners mostly triple time steps, with others style incorporated into our Jitterbug classes.
Bolero is a slow Latin dance with roots in Spain and Cuba. It is a unique dance with Latin as well as Ballroom dancing characteristics. The sliding steps, soft hip motion and close dance hold make this a romantic and powerful dance style. It is most popularly danced in dance studios and ballroom studios. While it is a social dance, it is not embraced as much socially as it is competitively. 
Mambo is basically Salsa danced on 2 instead of 1. This fun and energetic dance is the most popular of all the Latin dances because it is easy to learn and is fantastic for all ages and dancing abilities. Mambo/Salsa dancing has many fast turns, exciting footwork, rhythmic hip movements, and lively music.
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