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Latin dances can fall into several categories, so we won't go there. Jive falls under Latin & Swing, so for our purposes it is listed under Swing. Here are some of the popular Latin styles:
This fun and energetic dance is the most popular of all the Latin dances because it is easy to learn and is fantastic for all ages and dancing abilities. Salsa dancing has many fast turns, exciting footwork, rhythmic hip movements, and lively music.
Merengue is extremely popular in the United States and throughout the world. The Merengue is a fantastic dance for new dancers because it is very easy to learn! The Merengue is danced with “walking steps” with a step taken on each beat of music. While dancers typically use hip motions with this dance, the amount of hip movement varies with personal preference. This dance is considered to be in the same “family” as Salsa and is popular in the night club and social dance scenes.
The Cha Cha is a playful and flirtatious dance known for it’s vibrant energy. Although it is traditionally danced to up-beat music with a Latin or Cuban beat, today the Cha Cha is often danced to pop music including country, funk, hip-hop, and top 40. The Cha Cha is danced in 4/4 time to songs with a tempo of 110 to 120 beats per minute.
Nicknamed “The Dance of Love,” Rumba is characterized by swaying hips, a still upper body, and close partner connections. Although it is traditionally danced to slow Latin music, it is now common to dance the Rumba to current, popular ballads. Because of this, the Rumba is a popular style choice for a wedding dance and slow partner dancing.
Samba is an energetic and lively dance that is currently popular in many parts of the world. Syncopated rhythms, bouncing actions, and rolling hip movements characterize the dance. It may be danced with or without a partner.
Bolero is a slow Latin dance with roots in Spain and Cuba. It is a unique dance with Latin as well as Ballroom dancing characteristics. The sliding steps, soft hip motion and close dance hold make this a romantic and powerful dance style. It is most popularly danced in dance studios and ballroom studios. While it is a social dance, it is not embraced as much socially as it is competitively. 
Paso Doble is a theatrical Latin dance with Spanish and French origins. It is a dramatic dance that tells a story through sharp, staccato movements, striking body poses, and flamenco style footwork. Like Bolero, is most popularly danced in dance studios and ballroom studio & is not embraced as much socially as it is competitively. 
Bachata is a playful Latin dance that is typically danced at Salsa and Merengue dance clubs. This style is danced with soft hip motions, turns and side-to-side footwork. The music of Bachata is very recognizable for its predominant use of the electric guitar combined with Caribbean and Latin musical influences.

Salsa Music

  • “El Tu Tun de Tu Corazon” Orquestra la palabra

  • “Lloraras” Oscar D’Leon

  • “Vivir Lo Nuestro” Marc Anthony and La India

  • “El Gran Varon” Willie Colon

  • “Celebracion” Eddie Santiago

  • “Ando Por Las Nubes” Victor Manuelle

  • “Ella Lo Que Quiere Es Salsa” Victor Manuelle

  • “Me Libere” El Gran Combo

  • “Ran Kan Kan” Tito Puente

  • “Si Tu Me Besas” Victor Manuelle

  • “Sin Salsa Nay Hay Paraiso” El Gran Combo

  • “Valio La Pena” Marc Anthony

  • “La Vida es un Carnival” Celia Cruz

  • “Lluvia” Eddie Santiag

  • “Acuyuye” DLG

  • “Thinking of You” Lenny Kravitz

  • “Mi Cali” Alberto Garcia

  • “Dance City” Eddie Torres

  • “Fragile” StingHector Lavoe

  • “Vivir Mi Vida” Marc Anthony

  • “La Comay” Sonora Carruseles

Cha Cha Music

  • “I Need to Know” Marc Anthony

  • “Oye Como Va” Santana

  • “September” Earth, Wind, Fire

  • “Get the Party Started” Pink

  • “Rie Y Llora” Celia Cruz

  • “Stronger” Kelly Clarkston

  • “Just Dance” Lady Gaga

  • “Besame Mama” Poncho Sanchez

  • “Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha” James Taylor

  • “El Raton” Stars of Hard Salsa

  • “Bailamos” Enrique Iglesias

  • “Como Me Duele Perdete” Gloria Estefan

  • “Sway” Michael Buble

  • “I Like It” Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull

  • “Uh Chihuahua” Ronnie Beard

  • “Ain’t No Other Man” Christina Aguilera

  • “Boom Boom Pow” The Black Eyed Peas

  • “Break It Off” Rihanna & Sean Paul

  • “I Know You Want Me” Pitbull

  • “Glamourous” Fergie

  • “Cooler Than Me” Mike Posner

  • “Chilly ChaCha” Jessica Joy

  • “Oye Como Va” Congo Kings

  • “Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps” Santo & Johnny

  • “Cha Cha in Blues” Various artists

  • “Cha Cha Cha Romantico” Various artists

  • “Evil Ways” Santana

  • “Spill the Wine” Los Mocosos

  • “Cupid” Sam Cooke

  • “Cha Cha Cha D’Amour” Dean Martin

  • “Bang Bang” Joe Cuba

  • “Like A Virgin” Madonna

  • “Your Love Is My Drug” Ke$ha

  • “Poker Face” Lady Gaga

  • “Dynamite” Taio Cruz

  • “Donde Yo Estare” Sindicato Argentino del Hip Hop

  • “Bartender” T-Pain ft. Akon

  • “Me Gusta Todo De Ti” Pio Leiva

Rumba Music

  • “Your Body is a Wonderland” John Mayer

  • “Mi Buen Amor” Gloria Estefan

  • “I’m Like a Bird” Nelly Furtado

  • “What’s Going On” Marvin Gaye

  • “The Way You Look Tonight” Michael Bublé

  • “No Me Llores” Conjunto Rumbavana

  • “I’m Still Breathing” Katy Perry

  • “My Best Friend” Tim McGraw

  • “It Will Rain” Bruno Mars

  • “The Girl from Ipanema” Bebel Gilberto

  • “Lovesong” Adele

  • “No Air” Jordin Sparks featuring Chris Brown

  • “Savin’ Me” Nickleback

  • “No One In the World” Anita Baker

  • “Stickwitu” The Pussycat Dolls

  • “It Must Have Been Love” Roxette

  • “Take a Bow” Rihanna

  • “It’s Too Late” Gloria Estefan

  • “Too Little Too Late” JoJo

  • “Blessed” Elton John

  • “Tattoo” Jordin Sparks

  • “Estar en Cuba” Mamborama

  • “Corzon Aerodinamico” Estopa

  • “Sway” Dean Martin

  • “Surcos de Dolor” Los Chichos

  • “Como Se Goza en el Bario” Johnny Almendra & Los Jovenes del Barrio

  • “Entorno” Rumbantela

  • “Flor D’Luna” Santana

  • “I Wanna Go Home” Michael Buble

  • “My Baby You” Marc Anthony

  • “Do You Know” Enrique Iglesias

  • “Say It Right” Nelly Furtado

  • “Irreplaceable” Beyonce

  • “My Love” Justin Timberlake feat. T.I.

  • “Falling Into You” Celine Dion

  • “It’s Now or Never” Elvis Presley

  • “In The Misty Moonlight” Stevie Wonder

  • “I’ll Take Care of You” Dixie Chicks

  • “I Wanna Love You Forever” Jessica Simpson

  • “Breathe” Faith Hill

  • “Besame Mucho” Andrea Bocelli

  • “And I Love Her” Paul McCartney

  • “So Sick” Ne-Yo

  • “Because You Loved Me” Celine Dion

  • “Runaway Love” Ludacris feat. Mary J Blige

  • “A Groovy Kind of Love” Dan Finnerty

  • “Hate that I Love You” Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo

  • “Bleeding Love” Leona Lewis

  • “Break the Walls” John Secada

  • “No One” Alicia Keys

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