'Nervous about your first dance? Gabrielle will teach you the moves. '
Belleville News-Democrat, October 23, 2016

Gone are the days when a married couple’s first dance at the wedding reception has them swaying in each other’s arms to a romantic song — and never moving their feet. Couples now hire pros like Gabrielle to choreograph that special moment as husband and wife, and then teach them the steps.

“First, I listen to the song (a couple brings in), then I try to make the dance fit the couple,” she said. “I pull moves from other dances and make it a hybrid for them.”

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‘Thriller’ flash mob takes over downtown Belleville
Belleville News-Democrat, October 29, 2016

Students of Gabrielle’s Step-by-Step Dance Studio in Beleville got together and performed a flash mob dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller right in front of the fountain in downtown Belleville.

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